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Testing Strategy


We want to test as much of our infrastructure and code as possible. We should endevour to write a test for all new features and changes to existing features.

Core Platform vs Member testing

This strategy is currently focussed on core platform testing, however members may follow the same principles and use the testing-test environment if they wish.

Testing tools

We use Terratest for testing Terraform code, and Open Policy Agent (OPA) for JSON structures. All other tests should be written in Go and should use the standard Go testing library.

Testing environments

The AWS account testing-test should be used to run Terratest code into. This account is empty but configured the same as a member account.

When creating a new repo with the module type, empty unit tests and workflow will be present to complete.

Run tests locally using the testing-test account Admin SSO credentials.

Tests running in GitHub actions use the testing-ci user.

To minimise securty risks around using static credentials, aws keys for testing-ci user are automatically rotated every 7 days.

Testing areas

Area to test Type of test Testing tool Testing environment Comments
Modules in standalone repositories Unit test Terratest testing-test
Modules in the main repository Unit test Terratest testing-test
Terrafom not in modules Not currently tested, we should work to move this code into testable modules
Environment and networking JSON files Unit test OPA local / Github action
Scripts Not currently tested, as we rewrite this in Go we should add tests
Core platform Integration test We currently have no such tests
Core platform End to end test We currently have no such tests
Core platform Smoke test We currently have no such tests
Member infrastructure All testing-test We currently have no such tests
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