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Duty Rota


We have a dedicated engineer to answer queries in the #ask-modernisation-platform Slack channel and to respond to high priority incidents during the day.

Other engineers may also complete any of these activities at any time and we encourage all team members to help where they can.


Ask channel support is between 9am-4pm, the engineer on the Duty Rota may also answer queries either side of these times as it fits with their working day.


Team members will decide amongst themselves who is on rota for a particular day. Do not volunteer to go on rota if you have a day full of meetings or other commitments.

Team members should not be on the rota more than 3 days in a sprint.

Communicate if you are away from the keyboard so that other team members can cover.


High priority

These are the core activities to undertake whilst on the rota.

Activity Guidance
Monitor and respond to the #ask-modernisation-platform channel Respond to queries in the Ask channel. You do not need to solve them yourself but you are responsible to ensuring they are replied to and that the query is addressed.
Monitor and respond to high priority incidents in the #modernisation-platform-high-priority-alarms channel Runbooks
Monitor and respond to AWS Health issues Emails are sent to the team inbox if there are issues with any of the Modernisation Platform managed accounts. Review these emails and create issues for our backlog if needed.


These are optional activities if there are no high priority activities to do. Do not feel you have to do all of these, these are suggestions of activities.

Activity Guidance
Review dependabot PRs Reviewing Dependabot PRs
Update Daniel the Spaniel guidance documentation Every morning a Slack bot called Daniel the Manual Spaniel posts documents that are due for review. Review and update the documentation as needed
Team PR reviews Review other team members PRs
Fix SCA issues A daily SCA scan is completed and posts failures into our #modernisation-platform-notification channel. Review and fix them.
Question of the day Post a question of the day!
Review and fix GitHub code scanning issues In each repository we have regular code scans which raise issues, these can be found on the Security tab in each Modernsation Platform repository. Review and fix.

Do not do

No board work is to be done at all. This is to ensure that engineers do not feel pressured to complete board tasks as well as rota tasks.

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