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Modernisation Platform Runbook


The Modernisation Platform is a hosting platform where Ministry of Justice teams can host and modernise applications. It is a collection of AWS accounts, with shared networking, common security baselines and shared features such as single sign on. For more information on the platform see the user-guidance and our main modernisation-platform GitHub repository.

Service URLs

There are no service URLs for the platform itself, public facing services which are hosted on the platform will have their own runbooks with this information.

Incident response hours

Standard support hours 9am-4pm Monday to Friday Out of hours support 7am-10pm including Weekends and Bank Holidays (Critical incidents only)

Incident contact details

Standard support hours - Please post in the Slack channel #ask-modernisation-platform Out of hours support - Please email If it is critical raise a call on PagerDuty

Service team contact

Please post in the Slack channel #ask-modernisation-platform

Hosting environment

The Modernisation Platform is hosted on AWS, under the Ministry of Justice AWS organisation. Support requests should be raised in the account that they affect, see here how to raise a support request.

Other URLs

Main GitHub repository -

Automatic alerts

Automated alerts will appear in the #modernisation-platform-alarms channel.

Impact of an outage

If the Modernisation Platform is down, applications hosted on the platform may not be accessible.

Issues with the following core platform services will impact users in the following ways:

Issue Impact Link to relevant runbook
core-vpc networking or RAM share failure Networking for the accounts under the affected business unit will fail. TBC
Transit Gateway failure Applications will not be able to communicate with the core accounts, the NAT Gateway, other business units or the wider MoJ TBC
GitHub or GitHub Actions failure Users will not be able to push code or deploy to environments TBC

Out of hours response

For live incidents regarding the platform, we have engineers on call from 6am - 10pm Monday - Sunday.

Consumers of this service

Applications hosted on the platform and their details can be found here. They are the “member” account types.

Restrictions on access

Access to the AWS accounts is managed via AWS SSO for users who are part of the Ministry of Justice GitHub organisation. External collaborators are detailed here. If SSO fails, platform engineers can access via the superadmin users.

How to resolve specific issues

Please see the disaster recover runbook for high priority issues. For non priority tasks please see our runbooks for platform tasks or how to guides for user tasks.

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