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Our alliance

As a team, we regularly discuss and decide on our alliance, and document these openly and publicly.

Our alliance is as follows:

  • We agree that it is important for us to all learn
  • We agree that it is ok for us to make mistakes
  • We agree that it is ok to respectfully challenge and debate each other
  • We agree that no question is a stupid question
  • We will aim to communicate more than necessary in our Slack team channel
  • We will be transparent, open and inclusive
  • We will call each other out when we break our principles
  • We will have our camera on in meetings as a default
  • We will highlight achievements externally
  • We will try to meet in person on a regular basis
  • We will lead a blameless culture
  • We will post a question of the day in slack
  • We will regularly introspect and adapt
  • We will share and actively engage with other teams
  • We won’t take ourselves too seriously
  • We will be responsive to user needs
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