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How to add an ECR for shared Docker images


You can create a shared Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) in the Modernisation Platform to store your Docker container images.

The ECR can then be shared to all of your application accounts.


  1. Clone the modernisation-platform GitHub repository.
  2. Add your registry to modernisation-platform/terraform/environments/core-shared-services/
  3. Do this by copying another teams registry code using the ECR module and modify it accordingly.
  4. You will need to specify the push_principals (who do you want to be able to upload to the ECR) and pull_principals (who do you want to be able to download from the ECR)
  5. Raise a pull request and post in the #ask-modernisation-platform channel for a review.
  6. A Modernisation Engineer will review the pull request and merge.
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