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Deploying your application


Legacy applications often use “Click Ops” to make application deployments. Whilst this is still possible on the Modernisation Platform, we encourage and can help people to build application deployment pipelines.

To allow automated access to your AWS account we provide a “OIDC CI/CD” role - modernisation-platform-oidc-cicd.

This role has restricted access to your AWS account, with the minimum permissions needed to do things like push a new image to an ECR repo. If you find that your CI/CD role does not have enough permissions to do what you want it to do, please speak with the Modernisation Platform team.

Using OIDC in your application deployment pipeline

To add a repository for your application deployment pipeline, follow the following steps.

  1. Find your teams environments.json file here.

  2. There will be an empty value for github-oidc-team-repositories which needs to be populated, here’s an example.

  3. Populate it with one or more repos, as can be seen here.

  4. Open a PR and have it merged by someone in the Modernisation Platform team.

  5. Once merged, to work you will need to reference the role in your repositories. Here’s an example.

Creating an application pipeline

Creation of your application pipeline is your responsibility, you can choose whichever tools you wish to do this.

In the Modernisation Platform we use GitHub Actions, and can provide advice and assistance in creating a pipeline with GitHub Actions if needed.

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