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Production Ready Checklist

Before an application goes into production, the Modernisation Platform team will check that the following steps have been taken on the production account to ensure the high quality of infrastructure on the platform.

You can speed up these checks by preparing as much as possible in advance.


  1. For public facing interfaces - Create DDoS alarms, enable SRT access, enable Layer 7 Mitigation for ELBs.
  2. All EC2 instances have the AWS Systems Manage Session Manager SSM Agent installed.
  3. Infrastructure code has been reviewed and signed off by a Modernisation Platform engineer.
  4. The application runbook (` in the application folder in the modernisation-platform-environments repository) has been completed.
  5. The application conforms to the MoJ Technical Guidance and MoJ Security Guidance
  6. The application has been tested.
  7. Appropriate application monitoring and logging is in place.
  8. There is an application support team in place and their contact details are in the application runbook.
  9. The Modernisation Platform team are aware of any cutover/migration dates/times and have agreed additional cover if required.
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