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Joining the team

Welcome to the team! Below is some information that you might find useful.

General information

  • Our standups are currently at 9.15am every morning
  • We have our sprint retrospective every fortnight on a Monday morning
  • We have our sprint planning every fornight on a Monday morning
  • We plan our sprints through GitHub Projects


See our team information for:

  • our alliance
  • our roadmap
  • our vision
  • who’s in the team

Your first sprint ceremonies

When you join the team, we want you to feel welcome and included. With your input, we’ll collectively update our team alliance, and you’ll be able to meet the team if you haven’t done so already.

Team tools

Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom? Oh my!

Our main chat platform is Slack, our fallback option is Microsoft Teams.

We use Google Meet for team calls, and use Slack for direct calls. Our fallback option is Microsoft Teams.

We rarely use Microsoft Teams or Zoom, though some all-staff meetings are held on either.

For email we use Justice Digital Google Mail, with Microsoft Justice email as a fallback option.

For development work any IDE can be used, but many team members choose Visual Studio Code

Slack channels to join


The #modernisation-platform channel is our team channel where we have team discussions about anything ranging from:

  • in-depth technical issues
  • our plans for the day
  • to request someone else from the team’s help
  • when we’re away for lunch
  • general musings

If you can’t make standup, post your standup update here.


The #ask-modernisation-platform channel is for anyone who isn’t in the team to:

  • ask questions about the platform
  • get advice from the team


The #modernisation-platform-notifications channel is where we:

  • direct notifications from GitHub, such as pull requests or issues

It’s a noisy channel, so it’s up to you whether to join it.


The #modernisation-platform-update channel is where we:

  • let users know of any changes which may affect them

This is a low noise channel, only post relevant updates in here which all teams need to hear.


The #modernisation-platform-high-priority-alarms channel is where:

  • high priority alarms are posted from PagerDuty, if something is posted here it will require immediate attention.


The #modernisation-platform-low-priority-alarms channel is where:

  • low priority alarms are posted from PagerDuty, if something is posted here it will not require immediate attention.

GitHub teams to join (optional)

To add or close issues in our GitHub Project, you need to join the modernisation-platform team on GitHub.

The team memberships are defined in code. If you’re comfortable doing so, please add your GitHub username there.

If you’re not comfortable updating Terraform files, send a message in the #modernisation-platform channel and someone in the team will help you.

File Storage

We use Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Drive etc), any files which we wish to keep should be stored here

Further information

We’re currently building our documentation to cover core concepts and general practices within the team.

It’s worth having a read through the user guide and concepts pages.

There is a varying level of technical detail across the documentation, so if you have any questions or are interested in something in particular, feel free to reach out in #modernisation-platform.

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