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Accessing the AWS Console

You can view your infrastructure via the AWS console, you will also need access to the AWS console to create and configure your AWS Credentials (access keys)

To have access to your infrastructure you will need to be a member of the GitHub team specified when the environment was created

Logging in

Logging in to the AWS console is done via single sign on. As part of the environment creation, you would have provided the name of a team in GitHub. Any member of this team will have access to the environment.

Click on the single sign on url -

You will see the single sign on screen, click on Continue with GitHub and sign in with GitHub to continue.

Single sign on

Next authorise GitHub

Authorise GitHub

You are now logged in to the single sign on.

Click on AWS Account to view a list of the accounts you have available to you.

SSO main menu

SSO account options

Expand the account you wish to access and click on the Management console link. You may have different levels of access, choose the one you need.

SSO Authorisation choice

Next steps

Configure your AWS credentials to get AWS CLI access.

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