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The Modernisation Platform is dedicated to doing all that we can to increase our sustainability, and make it as easy as possible for platform users to have sustainable infrastructure by default.

We follow the Technology Code of Practice.

You can view our open and closed issues on sustainability here

What have we done?

  • Deleted unused environments and resources
  • Scheduled all bastion EC2 instances to shut down at 9pm and start up again at 6am
  • Provided shared infrastructure where possible
  • Enforced infrastructure as code by default, reducing the risk of orphaned infrastructure
  • We work remotely by default with minimum travel
  • We are paperless
  • We are collaborating and feeding in to wider department and organisation sustainability objectives
  • Switched from using Python to Go programming language which consumes less energy
  • Shut down all non production EC2 instances by default at night

What are we planning to do?

  • Shut down all non production RDS instances by default at night
  • Start reporting on Cloud usage
  • Work with other hosting teams to reuse and consolidate tools, infrastructure and teams where we can
  • Create a central billing dashboard to help monitor usage and promote efficiency

Longer term goals and ideas

  • Reduce the number of bastion EC2s to one per business unit
  • Report on our carbon footprint
  • Reduce the number of Modernisation Platform environments
  • Migrate all MoJ applications to the Cloud Platform where possible
  • Be able to switch Cloud providers to use the most sustainable provider
  • AWS single budget rules to view resources by account, and create alerts for unusual or excessive usage
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