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Our offer to you

What we currently offer

We offer the following, which are managed on your behalf by the Modernisation Platform team:

What we’re exploring support for in the future

Please see our roadmap for what we are exploring in the future. A full list of issues and stories are in our backlog.

If there is a feature you would like to see on the Modernisation Platform, please add it as a new story in our backlog here

What we don’t offer

We don’t offer the following, although we can help advise if you need it:

  • application related support, including responding to application specific alerts or failures, unless it is caused by the Modernisation Platform
  • support and maintenance of application infrastructure
  • support for tools deployed by yourselves that aren’t managed by the Modernisation Platform
  • application security
  • ongoing maintenance of the application, including patching the application, updating dependencies, and ensuring it remains deployable
  • user support for applications
  • alternative ways for end users to access applications that aren’t accessible either over the internet or via existing MOJ networks

What we expect from application teams

We expect application teams to:

  • monitor and manage the health of their applications and application infrastructure, such as monitoring, logging, and alerts, as appropriate
  • keep their applications and application infrastructure appropriately patched, up to date, and secure
  • ensure applications remain deployable end-to-end from their source code
  • regularly assess whether the service is still meeting user needs, and make appropriate efforts to improve, replace or decommission the service if not
  • provide their own specialist skills, such as DBAs, in their own teams, if required
  • maintain their application Github teams and remove users when they leave or no longer require access

Shared responsibility diagram

Shared Resposibility

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